The Herbal Coast 4/5 (4)

“We ship out SAME DAY* to anywhere in Canada using Canada Post’s Xpresspost with guaranteed 1-3 day delivery.”

  • No ID required
  • No bundles, no bulk
  • No fidelity program
  • 149 $ free shipping 

Still to be tested, but seems to be the fastest dispensary out there based on their claims. Also offer both regular and organic weed, and feature great specials. 

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Herb Approach 3/5 (2)

Wide selection of BCBud, Edibles, Topicals, Tinctures, Concentrates, and more.

  • No ID required
  • Bundles, no bulk
  • Fidelity program, get points when you buy
  • 150 $ free shipping 

Lots of specials, but very expensive regular prices. Also many mix and match options for flowers and concentrates. Wait for your favorite strains to become on sale before buying, otherwise keep shopping. 

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Stash Club No ratings yet.

Canada’s top online dispensary offering a curated variety of products

  • ID upload required
  • No bundles, no bulk
  • Comes with fidelity program, buy to earn Stash miles
  • Free shipping 150 $ and more

Browsing the website, it’s easy to see that Stash Club offers only a few strains, but a big variety of other cannabis products. You won’t find cheap flowers there (forget about your 99$ ounce!).

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